"Fun is good" – Dr. Seuss
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  • The What

    In a couple of hours I’m turning 29.  And so, in an attempt to finish this decade with a bang, to experience things I would normally never think to experience, I’m going to open up this year to dares.
    My friends can dare me to do things all year long.  They can dare me more than once (so no pressure to find the one perfect dare) and they can be silly/stupid dares, generic to-dos etc. – I’m sure you’ll figure it out lol.  I will then perform the dare and document it to show that I did it on this blog.
    There is a time limit to this Request for Dares.  The period will begin April 15, 2012 and end April 15, 2013.
    I look forward to a year of fun – let the games begin! :0)