"Fun is good" – Dr. Seuss
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  • The Rules

    I’m going to open up this year to dares – my friends can dare me to do things all year long. You can dare more than once (so no pressure to find the one perfect dare) and they can be silly/stupid dares, generic to-dos etc. – I’m sure you’ll figure it out lol.  I will then perform the dare and document it to show that I did it.

    There are rules of course.  They are:

    1. Dare can’t be illegal
    2. Dare can’t cost me a ridiculous amount of money
    3. Dare cant’ be against my value system (i.e. drinking)
    4. The dares are about me getting out of my comfort zone – I am not cheap labour or an accomplice to do your dirty work for you…I had to include this rule for a certain D :0)
    5. And I get 3 vetoes for the year

    So…I dare you to dare me to do something fun :0)

    This could turn out to be fun, or a disaster, or boring – but worth a shot! :0)

    Let the games begin 🙂