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  • Dare #3: Walk/Bike to Montreal

    Posted on April 16th, 2012 Sonia No comments

    The Dare:  To walk or bike from Ottawa to Montreal – a distance of 224 km.

    The Darer:  Ahmed J.

    Current Status:  Accepted, not yet performed.

    Estimated Time of Dare:  September of 2012 (when it cools down a bit but the days are still long)

    The Details:  I think Ahmed didn’t expect me to do this dare.  I didn’t expect me to do this dare.  But I’ve decided I can’t use a veto this early in the year.  So I’ll do this (isa).

    Interestingly enough, my first instinct was to WALK.  Yes to walk.  Right away I pulled out my google maps and it said it would take me 36 hours.  Not so bad right?  I could do that over a long weekend.  But when I did some research online, the other examples I found said it took them 12 days.  I can’t take 12 days for this dare.

    And so I’ve decided.  If you know me you’ll know why my first instinct was to walk.  I bike everyday to work…very very very slowly.  My bike is slow enough, and then I’ve added a basket to the front – yes I’m that biker.   The one you always pass.  But as Jimmy highlighted on my birthday, it might not be me – it has a lot to do with my non-road bike.  Aha – and I thought it was all my fault 🙂

    So I will endeavor to find a better bike, bike all summer long for practice, and September take the plunge.  Of course instead of doing it all in one day, I’ll probably break it up over the weekend – no ones said anything about doing it in a certain period of time 🙂

    Route I will take:  Option 1

    Note:  I am going ONE WAY only :0)

    Wanted:  An accomplice.  I want to do this, but for safety reasons, I’d rather someone is biking with me.  Anyone?!?


    April 24, 2012 – I’ve found an accomplice – Ahmed D. has agreed to bike with me to MTL.  Apparently he’s biked over 100km in a day before…I on the other hand have a max of around 25 (I’m rounding up lol).  It’s getting serious now! :0)

    (Image Source: Etsy)